Instructions for authors

"World of Real Estate Journal" is on the list of Polish indexed journals, announced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Announcement of 32 July 2019 -  item 28775) - papers published in the periodical are awarded 20 points in the evaluation procedure. We encourage Authors to submit papers adhering to the structure presented below. 

Paper structure:

  1. First and last name of the Author/Authors,
  2. Academic degree, organisational unit (University, Faculty, Department/Chair), e-mail address of the Author, ORCID
  3. Title of the paper, abstract and key words (3-6) in English,
  4. JEL Classification,
  5. Category of the paper:
    • research article, case study, review article - from 20,000 up to 30,000 characters in length - 10-15 pages,
    • law review, review, conference report - up to 7,200 characters in length - 4 pages.


  6. The main body of the paper:
    • Introduction - should include the justification for the choice of the subject matter and the undertaken research problem, the aim of the paper and the description of the research method. In the case of a paper presenting the results of empirical research, a research hypothesis is necessary.
    • Literature rerview must be carried out in such a manner that: (*) the existing state of knowledge concerning the subject of the paper will be presented and the relation of the undertaken problem to other publications on that subject will be shown, (**) various methods of research applied so far will be assessed, and then the selected method of solving the problem will be indicated, (***) the motivation for undertaking the subject will be outlined and justified.
    • Research methodology (for research papers). The section should include information on the studied persons, materials and tools used to collect them, as well as on the research procedure and the applied methods of data analysis.
    • Results and discussion (for research papers).
    • Conclusions - should include synthetic conclusions drawn from the research, recommendation for practice, limitations of the conducted research and proposed directions for further research.


  7. The literature should be presented in the alphabetical order; it should include only the items cited in the paper. There cannot be fewer than 10 items of the literature cited. If due to the subject of the paper it is possible, the bibliography should include foreign-language positions, minimum 4 of which should be indexed in the Web of Science or Scopus bases.

Prior to sending the paper, please read the Publication Policy of World of Real Estate and download the Statement of the Author file and the file including the Information on the Article from the periodical's site.

The complete contribution, namely:

  • the paper (prepared in MS Word format, Times New Roman 12 points, line spacing: 1.5, APA citation format - NEW Template),
  • scan of the filled in and signed Statement of the Author

should be submitted by electronic mail to the following address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In order to avoid technical problems, please attach sets containing figures and charts to the text file if they are prepared in formats other than MS Word. What is more, in the submitted paper give the details of the author's affiliation and contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, correspondence address to which the Editorial Board sends author's copies).

Papers which do not meet the above requirements will not be taken into consideration.

All papers are reviewed. The Editorial Board does not pay any royalties. The Editorial Board does not pay for unsolicited submissions or sends them back and it reserves the right to change titles and shorten the texts.